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Professional Residential Cleaning Service for Any Occasion in Eugene, OR

Facing a busy schedule that leaves you no time or energy to clean? No problem! Housekeeping Express is here to take on any tasks you choose to delegate and deliver sparkling results every time! Our professional cleaning service is cost-effective and readily available to businesses and homeowners located in Eugene, OR, so keep reading to find out more!

Ready to Offer Quality Cleaning Services in Eugene, OR

Move-Out and Move-In Cleaning

Move-Out and Move-In Cleaning
If you're looking to put your house on the market and show it to potential buyers, hire us for a detailed move-out cleanup. We'll make sure that your property is spotless and looking its best. We also provide excellent move-in cleaning!

Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning
When the remodeling or construction work is done, you'll want to have your new space ready for use quickly. We can help! Our team performed comprehensive construction cleaning, removing dust, dirt, paint spots, sawdust, loose debris, and more!
Emergency Cleaning
Do you need to get your home clean without a minute to spare? You can fully rely on our company to provide emergency cleaning and handle all the work in an organized manner. We'll surely have your property looking its best in no time.

House Cleaning and Organizing Services

House Cleaning and Organizing Services
Our company offers excellent residential cleaning services that can be fully customized. We'll be there to clean and disinfect your home as often as needed to maintain pristine results. Make great use of our impeccable organizing services as well!

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
It's important to have a clean workspace in order to remain healthy, motivated, and productive. We will empty the trash bins, keep the bathrooms spotless, and handle every other important area, making sure your office always looks professional.

Medical and Dental Office Cleaning

Medical and Dental Office Cleaning
Medical and dental facilities are required to uphold very high cleanliness standards in order to promote better health and keep their clients safe. We are capable of achieving such levels of cleanliness through time-tested methods and the use of great products.

All Your Expectations Met

What exactly do you stand to gain by hiring a professional home cleaning company? That’s an excellent question! To start with, you can save time. This is a very important factor because it helps you find time to rest, enjoy family time, or indulge in a favorite pastime. Additionally, our well-trained team does very thorough work, meaning that we can keep your home or office pristine. Clean and healthy surroundings will increase your quality of life. Housekeeping Express conducts each service with attention to detail and high standards with the goal of meeting all our clients’ expectations.

Our Methods

Every project, be it proper move-out cleaning, residential cleaning, office cleaning, or other, is handled in a timely and efficient manner by our well-trained professionals. We are punctual and always handle the workload with finesse and dexterity. By using top-grade cleaning products and modern equipment, we deliver deep and intensive results. The scale of the project won’t be an issue.

Take advantage of our local house cleaning service by booking an appointment with Housekeeping Express at a time of your choosing. Keep exploring our website or turn to us directly to find out more about us and what we do in Eugene, OR. Contact us today!

I've been using Housekeeping Express for a few years now and have always been happy with the results. The team is reliable and efficient, and my house is always clean when they're done. I'm grateful for their service - it really helps me keep things tidy during the week. Thank you, Housekeeping Express!
Nevaeh Nona
Nevaeh Nona
Michelle and her team did an excellent job on a move-in clean for our new home. They cleaned the whole three bedroom house top to bottom in a day! Michelle communicated very well in person and over the phone exactly what type of cleaning was necessary for certain stains, mold, carpet damage, etc. She noticed so many things in our walk-through; like an investigator. Together we created a cleaning plan that was within my budget. Very professional. 10/10 would recommend.
Kirsten Hamar
Kirsten Hamar
If you want clean, kind, professional, and overall AMAZING HUMAN, see Michelle at Housekeeping Express. My story: I own rental properties. A tenant moved out and I needed a last minute job done. Michelle's response? "No problem, we'll make it work." She gets to the property and the water is shut off. What does she do? "No problem, we'll make it work." This lady scheduled her entire two days of cleaning my rental around utilities issues, AS WELL AS MY WIFE GOING INTO LABOR!!! Michelle knew how much getting this house clean ment for me and came to the hospital to pick up my keys for day#2. This should have been a 1 day job, but due to the utility issue, turned into two (at NO FAULT of Michelle's or her team) She got the house clean regardless of all of the complicated issues in my life, Thank you to Michelle and everyone involved in the completion of my home. You rock, stay amazing.
Jordan Bailey
Jordan Bailey
Michelle and her crew did an absolutely incredible job deep cleaning my stepmom's house in Eugene. I live in San Diego, and the other siblings live just as far away, so I hired the company that had the best reviews on Yelp and Michelle definitely earned her 5 stars! My stepmom has had trouble getting around and doing the hard work around the house for quite a while now so we hired Housekeeping Express to go in and scrub everything as a Mother's Day present. 4 people put in 4 hours each and they wiped down the walls, windows, and even the picture frames, and of course bathrooms, kitchens, etc, and really made my stepmom as happy as could be! So much so that she hired her to come and scrub once a month. We knew the first deep cleaning (in maybe 10 or 30 years) would take a long time and we pre-authorized whatever it took and we are all very very happy with the job that Michelle and crew did. Highly recommended!!

Client’s Testimonial

Feb 14, 2024
by Peter Van Geem on Housekeeping Express
House Cleaning

Michelle and her partner made our house look new again after several months of not having a housekeeper. They worked hard and efficiently together with no wasted time. They also do well with the details even putting trash can liners in all our waste baskets that did not have them before. I would highly recommend Michelle and partner.

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